Collection: Mindscapes

Katrina Cobb invites you to immerse in "Mindscapes", a collection that captures the fleeting interplay between emotion and expression through the medium of acrylics. This series epitomizes the synergy of momentary sensations and enduring impressions, articulated through the bold textures and layers that have become the signature of her style.

Within each painting lies a rich, textural depth that resonates with the emotional fabric of the human experience. Katrina employs a robust impasto technique with a palette knife and gel medium to craft a visual journey as nuanced and complex as life itself. Her self-taught proficiency allows each stroke and hue to unfold a narrative, a snapshot of a grander tale that is deeply personal yet universally understood.

These works are a reflection of Katrina's global travels and personal growth, a canvas where the hues shift and dance with the same vitality as the landscapes she has traversed. Her artistic voice echoes the historic essence of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, movements that celebrated the subjective experience of light and color over representational accuracy.

"Mindscapes" is more than an art collection—it is a celebration of transient beauty and inner exploration. It is an invitation from Katrina to engage with the pieces, to experience the sensation of fleeting moments captured in the permanence of paint. These are not just landscapes; they are emotional landmarks. Here, viewers are encouraged to join the artist on a journey that is as ephemeral as a vista yet as enduring as the emotions that inspired them.

The collection is currently on exhibition in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at Catherine Shea Gallery.