About the Artist Katrina Cobb

From Architect to Abstract Expressions: The Colorful Journey of Katrina Cobb

Welcome to my world, where structured lines mingle with vibrant emotions, and every stroke tells a story of liberation. I'm Katrina Cobb, an artist whose canvas is a reflection of a life rich in architecture, wanderlust, and an unwavering passion for expressive art.

After dedicating 18 years to the whirlwind of entrepreneurship and relentless work demands, I decided to pivot inward, seeking solace and expression through visual arts. It was a journey that began long ago, shaped by my background as an architect and seasoned traveler. As I roamed the globe, absorbing the diverse cultures and architectural wonders, I found inspiration that now breathes life into my art.

But it wasn't until early 2022 that I took up the brush with fervor, igniting a creative flame that had long smoldered beneath the demands of my entrepreneurial career. The decision to paint stemmed from an intrinsic desire to articulate inner emotions in a world often fixated on discordant realities.

My paintings are an eclectic fusion of architectural structures and vibrant palettes, a reflection of my dual passions—architecture and the kaleidoscope of hues discovered in my worldly explorations. I curate a symphony of colors aimed at infusing positivity into a tumultuous world, drawing on the vibrant shades I've encountered in my travels.

While my artistic journey initially echoed realism and architectural perspectives, a shift occurred when the canvas became a sanctuary for embracing abstract impressionism and expressionism. This metamorphosis, triggered by a reduction in physical travel and an augmented focus on internal introspection, became a medium to liberate myself from the shackles of perfectionism and the stress endemic in the world of high-performance demands.

Through my art, I don't just paint; I orchestrate emotional landscapes, inviting viewers into a realm where colors dance to the rhythm of emotions. Each stroke tells a story of liberation, encouraging the audience to embrace the beauty amidst chaos and find solace in the interplay of structured form and vibrant expression.

My artistic odyssey embodies a vibrant celebration of life, inviting audiences to transcend boundaries and immerse themselves in the emotions I meticulously weave on canvas.

Welcome to my colorful world—I'm thrilled to have you here.


Katrina at her first exhibition

Katrina with her first sold expressionist painting